How to get your home insurance policy ready for Hurricane Season

The next hurricane is going to hit New Orleans

Hopefully not this year but we will get hit again

If you have had to endure a hurricane evacuation either for a few days or a month like Katrina, you know too well the inconvenience and financial stress it can have on your bank account

Here are few add on endorsements your Home Insurance policy needs that can help you during the next hurricane evacuation


This add on coverage will provide up to $1500 if you a mandatory evacuation is ordered and you have to leave

This is different from Loss of Use on your home insurance policy because loss of use is triggered only if your home sustains damage from a claim

No loss of use payments

but if you have the mandatory evacuation coverage you will get reimbursement of your out of pocket expenses up to $1500


You can get up to $500 to cover the contents of your refrigerator

During a hurricane when we lose power this is an inexpensive home insurance coverage add on that most of us could use


You can choose your deductible that will be deducted for all hurricane claims as low as $1000 or $2500

You no longer have to take a % deductible based on the value of your home

ex) If you have a 300,000 home and a 2% hurricane deductible the insurance company would deduct 6,000 from your next hurricane claim check

A flat deductible can applied for all claims on a home insurance policy

You can now get a 1,000 or 2,500 deductible for any claim you make

More than likely your current home insurance policy does not have these coverage add on extensions and they are inexpensive to add

We have a few companies that now offer these important coverage extensions to residents that live in hurricane zones